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TIEN T'AI CHI -- A moving meditation for the mind, body and spirit.

T'ai Chi is based on the principle of Yin and Yang (hard and soft).  It truly is martial arts and ultimate power for the mind, body and spirit.

Mind:   The mind guides the body.  Without conscious thought our bodies lack coordination.  T'ai Chi improves concentration.  This class is very calming and helps us to defeat stress.  Stress attacks our immune system and causes us physical as well as mental imbalance.

Body:   As bipeds, every step we take is a controlled fall.  T'ai Chi improves balance and stability.  Working the small connecting muscles first, it tones stabilizing muscles, which improves strength and coordination.  Chi (energy) flows through the blood stream and nervous system.  This affects every part of us, and particularly our  immune system.

Spirit:   We work on specific breathing and visualization techniques that stimulate the flow of energy through your body.  Breath is life.  It is as spiritual as you choose to make it.

T'AI CHI CLASSES:   Our classes are conducted in a casual and peaceful environment, with Asian music playing softly in the background.  This helps cultivate the proper mind frame and creates a relaxing atmosphere in the classroom.  Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace with no judgment, pressure or expectations.   We constantly work on improving our form.   The better the T'ai Chi, the more it benefits our well being.

HEALTH AND T'AI CHI:   Tien T'ai Chi provides numerous health benefits --- increased power, flexibility, balance, and coordination --- lowered blood pressure and improved circulation --- tremendous low-impact exercise, especially for those over 50 --- stress relief and strengthened immune system --- aid for Parkinson's patients --- assistance for all immune system disorders and aid for arthritis sufferers --- other health benefits, too numerous to list.  T'ai Chi can be practiced standing, sitting, or lying down, should an injury or health condition impact you -- using arms and legs, legs or arms solely, or in one's head through visualization.  T'ai Chi is consistently being proven in national research studies to be very beneficial for all people, and especially individuals over 50 years of age.